Seattle's Best Kept Secret Is Straight From Hollywood!


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Would you like to look or feel like a movie star?


If you would like beautiful, long, natural looking and feeling eyelashes that last longer than mascara, look better than false lashes, and can withstand close scrutiny, then throw away your mascara! The solution is Seattle Eyelash Extensions - at Dina S Good Salon!



Each individual lash is applied on a single lash by lash basis to your natural lashes with our specially formulated adhesive that can last anywhere from two weeks to two months, depending on your at home care. You can have a full set of eyelash extensions or a partial set that has 30 lashes per eye.


This very relaxing service takes anywhere from 30 minutes to two & 1/2 hours. You may wear water-soluble mascara however waterproof mascara will dissolve the bond with the lashes, and our goal is for you to throw away your mascara! Eyelash extensions are here to stay, once you've been 'lashed' you'll never want to go back!


We are proud to offer this service at Dina S Good Salon in Seattle WA. Salon eyelash extensions are made of a single polyester fiber thread, or from genuine mink fur (cruelty free) and there are a variety of color options available. We will transform your eyelashes into longer, thicker, more defined frames to bring out the natural beauty of your eyes. Lush lashes are only a phone call away.


Eye Lash Extensions Full Set - $185 - $200

Partial set ( 30 lashes per eye )- $99

Fills $58 - $68

Extended Fill $90

Real Mink Eye Lash Extensions - $450

Partial set Mink ( 30 lashes per eye )- $199

Mink Fills $120


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Real Mink lashes are a cruelty free product. Lashes are gathered by brushing the mink, then sterilized, sorted into lengths, and then affixed to a tray for sale. We are proud to be the first salon in the Northwest to feature REAL Mink lashes instead of the Synthetic lashes commonly referred to as mink due to their 'style'.


If you pay for MINK you should get REAL Mink! Not sure if you have real mink? Call us for a simple at home test you can do to find out.


Our eye lash extensions are long lasting and weightless on your eyes, if you currently have extensions but they itch, hurt, or are pulling, then they need to be removed! Improperly applied extensions can cause permanent damage to your lash line!


We are the most experienced technicians in the industry and have been market leaders for 6 years. We can fix bad extensions, and do almost as many repairs as new sets. If you are considering extensions please do your research. Speak to the makeup artists who work the cosmetic counter, your hair stylist, or better yet do a search online to see who consistently is listed as the best. It is your eyes, and you are worth it.



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